Lifetime Upgrade Credit

Lifetime Upgrade Credit

The greatest accolade and praise bestowed upon Diamond Wholesale Group, Inc. by its diverse clientèle are repeated diamond/gemstone acquisitions.  In addition to our advantageous Cash Referral Program, Diamond Wholesale Group, Inc. is pleased to provide its clientèle with a Lifetime Upgrade Credit for 100% of our loose merchandise’s full acquisition price towards any loose diamond/gemstone upgrade of greater value offered by us that has improved specifications from the original acquisition.

All prior Diamond Wholesale Group, Inc. loose diamond/gemstone merchandise acquisitions qualify for the Lifetime Upgrade Credit, as long as the merchandise is in its original condition and accompanied by its original certification documentation.  Lifetime Upgrade Credit acquisitions must be identified by our prior client from the onset of the desired upgrade process.  Our clientèle of diamond/gemstone:  dealers, manufacturers, wholesalers, jewelry designers, auction houses, retailers and select individuals are invited to contact Diamond Wholesale Group, Inc. to participate in our Lifetime Upgrade Credit program.

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