Maximize Your Purchasing Power

As an advocate and industry leader that marshals tremendous worldwide resources to provide its clientèle with the highest level of comfort and assurance that the loose certified merchandise selected for purchase is beyond reproach, we have multiple strategies relative to Cut, Color and Clarity intended to maximize your purchasing power and assist in your diamond/gemstone selection and acquisition.

Diamond/Gemstone shape determination is the initial step in the acquisition process.  Everyone has a preference relative to distinct shapes.  It is extremely important to determine shape first, as it can dramatically affect the final acquisition cost.  Please review our Confidential Reduced Price Quote Request - Cut/Shape Section for further analysis.

Diamond Shapes

To maximize purchasing power of loose colorless diamonds, Diamond Wholesale Group, Inc. suggests your consideration of a diamond with a Color Grade of F. Colorless diamonds in this color grade are white, (nearly colorless) and the prices are usually 25% - 30% below the D and E color grades.  Once mounted and set, they will all look equally spectacular. Please review our Confidential Reduced Price Quote Request - Color Section for further analysis.

Diamond Color Scale

Additional strategizing is beneficial relative to colorless diamond Clarity Grades.  The technical definition of SI1 Clarity Grade states in pertinent part:  [t]he imperfection within the diamond can not be seen with the naked eye, but can easily be seen with the aid of a 10x power loupe. Therefore, clientèle that select a SI1 Clarity Grade colorless diamond can achieve an additional 25% - 30% cost reduction over the top clarity grades – holding all other grade factors of Color, Cut and Carat constant.  Please review our Confidential Reduced Price Quote Request - Clarity Section for further analysis. 

Diamond Clarity Scale

The sparkle and brightness of your diamond/gemstone acquisition are enhanced by its cut. Avoiding poor cuts and trying to obtain a good cut that is within the specifications for your desired diamond/gemstone shape preference will foster obtaining the best value within those criteria.  Again, an Ideal Cut stone is 5% - 10% higher in price over a Very Good Cut or Good Cut well made stone with exceptional fire and brilliance.  Please review our Confidential Reduced Price Quote Request - Cut Section for further analysis. 

Finally, once the foregoing factors have been considered, carat size must be selected.  Please review our Confidential Reduced Price Quote Request - Carat Section for further analysis.

Carat Weight Scale

Employment of the above referenced strategies can assist in maximizing our clientèle's purchasing power and reducing acquisition costs for clientèle that are not professional diamond/gemstone dealers and may be less than certain of the exact loose diamond/gemstone acquisition characteristics that they desire.   Contact a diamond/gemstone specialist/trader.  However, Diamond Wholesale Group, Inc. routinely marshals its worldwide resources to exactly match and often times exceed any and all specific acquisition needs of its respected:  trade, wholesale, jewelry design, auction house, retail and select individual clientèle.  Confidential Reduced Price Quote Request


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